The dilution of isothiazolinone seems to have become a popular topic. Because the common specifications of isothiazolinones are 14%, 4%, 2.5%, 1.5%, and 19%, 10%, and 3% are occasionally seen. Faced with so many kinds of specifications, clever dealers and users often imagine, “How good would I dilute with a high concentration to a low concentration?” Yes,it’s indeed a good opurtunity, isothiazolinone 14% only sells around 20,000 CNY/ton,but isothiazolinone 1.5% can be sold for 11,000 CNY/ton, and cosmetics grade can even be sold for 20,000 CNY/ton. It can be seen that diluting from 14% to 1.5% is too cost-effective than buying 1.5% of the goods directly. For dealers, it’s not just a bargain, it’s a huge profit. Since there is such a good thing, why can such “obvious” profit margins exist for a long time?


Obviously, dilution is not a simple process, and it is not only diluted with water. Some people pretend to “make up” without thinking. What will happen? Recently, I heard a client asking help from Amazon Chemicals. He said that he was a technician of a certain company. He diluted isothiazolinone 14% to 1.5%. As a result, the color of the liquid became very dark. There were sediments, which caused great economic losses.

It seems that the dilution of isothiazolinone is indeed a concern for many people. To solve this problem, we must first figure out what is the application? Is it used in water treatment chemicals? Or is it used in pulp? Or paint? Or cosmetics? For different purposes, the dilution method is very different. If you make a mistake, using the pulp used isothiazolinone in the paint, it is likely to cause harm.(demulsification or flocculation). The price of isothiazolinone1.5% from a certain brand in the United States can be as high as 26,000 CNY/ton for a long time; it can be guaranteed to be suitable for water-based coatings, but can you guarantee it?


In any case, the success or failure of dilution depends on many factors. A rough analysis shows that these factors include the quality of the original solution (maybe some original solutions are not suitable for dilution), solvents, stabilizers, other auxiliary ingredients, etc., etc. . In short, some original cmit/mit solutions are not good quality, sometimes the solvent may not be water, and the stabilizer may not be used (not necessarily what compound is used). It’s all depends on the use. Amazon Chemicals will always provide best quality isothiazolinone for our clients.