Project Description

High-quality SAE surface sizing agent used in the paper industry.

Styrene-acrylic surface sizing agent is a new type of board paper product made by copolymerization of a variety of polymer materials. It can effectively combine with starch to give starch coatings good crosslinking strength and hydrophobic properties. It has the characteristics of small addition amount, low cost, good sizing effect and convenient use. This product is suitable for corrugated paper, cardboard paper, white board paper, and cow cardboard.

Surface sizing agent

Advantages of SSA 605

  • Significantly improve the high water resistance and ring compressive strength of corrugated paper, cardboard paper and other papers.

  • Completely replace the use of internal sizing agent, no maturation period, not easy to return to moisture.

  • Can be used in conjunction with native starch to reduce the cost of sizing.

  • Excellent mechanical stability and produces less bubbles during operation.

  • More cost-effective

Model   AMZC-605A AMZC-605B AMZC-605C AMZC-606
lonicity cationic cationic cationic anionic
Solid content 30%+ 30%+ 30%+ 25%+
Application Corrugated paper, cardboard paper Corrugated paper, cardboard paper High grade packaging paper Wrapping  paper, cultural  paper, writing  paper
characteristic Good price and  stability. Better quality,  high cost  performance.  Reduce the use  cost with Al3+ Can be used  alone without  Al3+, and the  effect of low  sizing content  is better than  other types of  surface sizing  in water  resistance Pure anionic  surface sizing  agent with  good water  resistance and  high cost  performance