Project Description

AKD high polymer emulsifier

Competed with traditional cationic starch based AKD emulsifier, AKD high polymer emulsifier is a kind of cationic polymer product, It can not only emulsify AKD wax, but also protect the AKD colloid dispersion and aid retention, it also can increase AKD sizing efficiency(2%-8%). It can get the high stability and better fixing effect AKD Emulsion by mechanical stirring, in the meantime it greatly decrease AKD hydrolysis during storage and sizing process. Final AKD Emulsion shelf time is about 6 months which is longer than starch emulsified AKD emulsion. The final AKD Emulsion also has quicker curing effect.

Product Name AKD Polymer Emulsifier
Model AMZC-103
Appearance Clear light yellow liquid
Solid content(%) 40±1%
PH value 3-7
Viscosity (25℃, mpa.s) 6000-12000