Project Description

AKD Emulsifier for AKD emulsion 

AKD emulsifier is a special emuslfier for AKD wax, starch based, mainly used for emulsifying AKD wax to produce AKD emulsion, ensure AKD granularity is controlled below 1μm, protecting sizing retention and increase efficiency.

AKD emulsifier is usually used together with AKD wax, AKD dispersant, AKD stabilizer to make AKD emulsion.

AMAZON provide technical support for new customers in AKD emulsion production process.

Product Name AKD Emulsifier
Model AMZC-102
Appearance Red brown liquid
Solid content(%) 25±1%
PH value 2-6
Viscosity (25℃, mpa.s) 500-2000