Project Description

High concentrated liquid paper dyes

Our highly concentrated paper dyes are particularly used for packaging-liner and test-liners.
Here we offer a wide extended range of direct and basic dyes that meets with the highest expectations. At the same time they are in accordance with technical and environmental rules as well.

Anionic direct dyestuffs with good substantivity on sized and unsized paper and bleached, unbleached and mechanical pulp. Low colored waste water, good fastness to water, steam and light.

Basic dyestuffs that provide a strong yield. Good water, steam and rubbing resistance are achieved. Waste water is little dyed.

We manufacture disulphonic, tetrasuphonic and hexasulphonic ranges, which are used for stock, size-press and coating applications.

Amazon Chemicalshas a wide extended range of over 150 brown liquid dyes (direct and basic) which covers the most demands of the market. We also develop new colors to meet with the customer’s requirements. We assist the customer with technical advice during the development and start procedure of a new dyestuff.



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