Project Description

Paper making additive Wet Strength Agent in paper industry

Wet Strength Agent is a water-soluble, cationic, thermosetting resin. It is suitable for the manufacture of various papers with wet strength. It is highly efficient, suitable for neutral paper making, easy to recycle or damage to paper or waste paper, and non-toxic. It can also be used as a retention aid for emulsion rosin and fortified rosin, a synergist for neutral sizing agents, and a cationic starch modifier to improve paper dimensional stability.

wet strength agent


  • The application of a wide range of PH, non-toxic, processed paper can be used for food packaging, fruit bagging, medical.

  • The wet strength of the paper is particularly noticeable, while the dry strength can also be increased by 20%.

  • Improve the water filtration and papermaking speed of pulp, and increase the retention rate of filler, rubber and microfiber.

Product Name Wet Strength Agent
Other Names AKD Wet Strength Agent, PAE 12.5%, liquid cationic polymers
Model AMZC-602
Appearance Light yellow viscous liquid
Purity(%) 12.5 ± 0.5%
PH value 3-5
Viscosity (25°C) ≤100CPS
Ionic type cationic