Project Description

Glutaraldehyde 50% solution, industrial grade

Glutaraldehyde is known as the third milestone in the history of the development of chemical dis-infection and sterilization agents following formaldehyde and ethylene oxide dis-infection. This product has the characteristics of low methanol content, no disproportion and no accumulation of poison, and is widely used in dis-infection and sterilization, pharmaceutical and other industries. Glutaraldehyde is a high-efficiency dis-infectant with broad spectrum, high efficiency, low toxicity, less corrosive to metals, less affected by organic matter, and good stability. All our glutaraldehyde products are free of formaldehyde.

Except 50% solutions, 30%, 2% solutions, or any other concentration can be supplied on demands.

Glutaraldehyde 50%


  • Oil & Gas Microbial Control

  • Industrial Water Treatment

  • Leather Tanning

  • High-level Disinfectant for Hospital Instruments

  • Disinfectant for Animal Health

  • Paper Making Microbial Control

  • Photographic Chemicals

Model: AMZC-302
Product Name: Glutaraldehyde 50%
CAS Number: 111-30-8
Molecular Formula: C5H8O2
Appearance: colorless to light yellow liquid
Content: ≥50%
PH Value: 3-5
Methanol: ≤1
Formaldehyde: free
Shelf life: 12 month